Stargazer is an ambitious young cat who has decided to take her first step into independence by venturing out into the world to help others. Well-intentioned but naive, Stargazer's travels teach her much about the world and its quirky inhabitants. She also has a huge sweet tooth!

Lightning is a cat whose enthusiasm is only paralleled by the size of his ego. Quick-witted and humorous, he tackles any situation as though on a quest, and proves an ideal companion for Stargazer's adventures - though he could probably tone down the bragging.

Pearl is the sensitive sort, bringing up her traumatic past to garner sympathy from whomever she meets. Her unique abilities make her an important ally, but be prepared for a tragic tale or three - and do not make her angry.

brave explorers

This band of brave explorers seeks out Stargazer and company for help with a perilous quest. Sergeant Squirrel, the fearless leader, is a control freak who does not take disobedience well. Chippy Swift, her loyal right-hand chipmunk, is more even-tempered but becomes a whirling terror in combat. And Gnawm... well, he's your quintessential pea-brained brute.

Slink is a rough-edged alley cat, at home in the shadows. But despite his sneaky ways, this guy might be good to turn to in a sticky situation. He's a bit of a flirt with the ladies, though!

Elegant and mysterious, and with a unique type of magic, Gemstone appears to have a plot in the works and it doesn't look like a good one. Stargazer and friends may have a dangerous foe on their hands...

"Stargazer: The Magical Cat"

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